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Portrait Archive 

A Project for the development of a data bank for personal portraits.

the goal of the
Portrait Archive is the registration of portraits with name and biographical data for present and future generations.

You can publish your pictures safely and securely on this platform.

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the Portrait Archive      
Although the project was launched in central Switzerland, there are no regional or national boundries.
In order to publish a portrait, you will need a username and password.
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To date, the database contains  233 243  Portraits          The 3 most recent portraits of this forum:
Foto surname first name M/F place of residence * year + year maiden name
Müller-Egger Dorothea Cornelia F Freiburg 1955 2014 Egger
Müller-Dürst Claudia F Näfels 1954 2015 Dürst
Mühlich Walter M Dietikon 1916 1997
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